” The world began without man and will end without him”

Claude Levi-Straus wrote  ” The world began without man and will end without him” , so that if we will to avoid the death of Man , the challenge is very hard but become the essential need of our century.
From my point of view it is important to understand that the man is a product of the self-organization of the evolution Universe , so that man is not at the center of the natural knowledge but its only a part that risk to be excluded if do not deeply change the limits of mechanic knowledge of the obsolete industrial society that produces the cancer and progressively destroy the life systems in our planet.
Therefore ,as an Eureka Moment, i think better to exclude the man as an onserver at the center of the space time :

Egocreanet would be simulate the consciousness about the need of concept rethinking and overcoming the conceptual limits of mechanical thought that in our epoch degenerate a deep disaster of the living system in our planet  in the transition between the collapse of the  industrial society and the future knowledge society.

The QUANTUM TIME MATRIX , as an Eureka Moment of plurality of space-times dimensions, correspond to a tentative to develop a constructivistic approach to reneve knowledge by means an alternative thinking open to an international debate about better alternatives of our conception of space-time on the fundamental base of the  overcoming the arbitrary dualism between subject and object of the brain’s perception.
See in Italian and English in:  http://www.edscuola.eu/wordpress/?p=53525,
see also th search or partners to QUASSI -HORIZON PROJECT with science and for society 2015 in :  http://www.caosmanagement.it/194-developing-a-responsible-research-and-innovation-for-change;
You can find the The QUASSI PROJECT premise written for a SEARCH FOR PARTNERS in:
 Egocreanet underline that ur perception and understanding of the realities of environment are always mediated by space-time concepts.
Changing the position of Man to the center of space-time , we can look to the emergence of a matrix dominion os -space-time . So that through the exclusion of human controler posed at the center of space-time may become possible to understand the existence of an emergent  reality that it is not manifest to the perception  based on senses and an false idea of objectivity.
The Quantum Brain reconstruction of reality  in relation to the space-time matrix permits to better understand what we traditionally are not able to see so that we have difficult to get a scientific interpretation of the effective complexity of both, perceived reality& virtual-reality.
I suggest to read   the ON LIFE MANIFESTO AN INITIATIVE OF LUCIANO FLORIDI in:                       https://www.academia.edu/9742506/The_Onlife_Manifesto_-_Being_Human_in_a_Hyperconnected_Era
 EGOCREANET would participate to such  “the Onlife Initiative,” a one-year project funded by the European Commission to study the deployment of ICTs and its effects on the human condition – Inspires reflection on the ways in which a hyperconnected world forces the rethinking of the conceptual frameworks on which policies are built .
My best regards and cordiality’s to all of you . I hope to receive contributions to the participation as partners to the QUASSI-Project . Paolo Manzelli 08th/IAN/2015 —
Director of LRE/EGO-CreaNet – University of Florence
50019 -SESTO F.no- 50019 Firenze-
Via Madonna dl Piano ,06
-room: d.132: Phone: +39/055-4574662 Fax: +39/055 2756219
Mobile: +39/335-6760004; SKIPE “manzelli3”


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