INVITATION: RRI – SCIENCE WITH AND FOR SOCIETY PROGRAM to foster Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in Europe and worldwide.
RRI is a process where all societal actors (researchers, citizens, policy makers, business) cooperate together during the whole research and innovation (R&I) process, in order to align its outcomes to the values, needs and expectations developing future Knowledge society.

In that mission of SCIENCE WITH AND FOR SOCIETY 2015 . EGOCREANET- (NGO in R&D in Florence (IT) would search for partners for developing CITIZEN SCIENCE to favor the advancement of responsible R&I ( see:H-2020 ISSI-5-2014. dead 16th09/2015. –>

The risks of industrial collapse (*) requires sustainable management for developing a Responsible Research and Innovation Plan covering a modern scientific and artistic culture to enhance the consciousness in science with and for society , through realize responsible dissemination of the advanced science & tech of bio-economy (*) in a changing world.

The QUASSI (QUANTUM ART ,SCIENCE ,SOCIETY INNOVATION ) Project would develop a innovation-friendly communication together with taking social-responsibility aspects taking into account of the importance of advanced Quantum Biology. (**) Goals and guiding principles are to obtain a large impact in developing an innovative approach to release and disseminate the advancements of Quantum science to the European bio-economy strategy policy focused in favor to understand new quantum concepts applications concerning large trans-disciplinary areas of research and development . This cultural change strategy will give an important impetus in respect of the structural changes required to strengthen . the structural and cognitive transition between industrial society and knowledge society . (*)_…; (**)- CITIZEN-SCIENCE : : see in facebook :;

The focus of the QUASSI project on Creativity development on Quantum Cognition implies an ability to share at world wide dimension , a better understandig of how science with an for society can develop responsible innovation – The QUASSI project promoted by EGOCREANET and Coodinated by EurA Consult AG – Niederlassung Nord in Bio Tecnologies, lookforward to the possibly to become the focus of future societal knowledge change , not just for now but at some very near future time as requested by Horizon 2020 Science and Society programs .
The QUASSI project would look for give a responsible contribution to a long range strategic better future.
So that QUASSI proposal can be seen a responsible proposal that shall include an analysis of the main problems and challenges, as well as a set of specific implementing actions aiming at the necessary structural change in order to approah to a better solutions to global challenges of our planet as: 1) climate change ,2)drinking water,,3) population growth,4)alternative energy, 5)food quality and novel sources of nutrition.
So that both Egocreanet and EurA Consult AG ask to the potential partners and stakeholders to take this into consideration for collaborate ro a succersul H-2020 ISSI-5-2014 project to make an project in the . SCIENCE & SOCIETY 2015 call. H2020-ISSI-2015-1 (CSA). within the deadline dates for both: 16-09-2015.




  1. egocreanet Post author

    QUANTUM ART,SCIENCE , SOCIETY for Responsible INNOVATION Project- Search for partners.
    –“Innovation to develop knowledge society is driven by creative responsible multi-actorial & transdisciplinary cooperation as much as by competition as in the pat epoch of industrial society now near to collapse and toward a dangerous crask.” Paolo Manzelli 2014/12/12
    (QUASSI-Horizon Project 2015)

    EGOCREANET (NGO- c / o Business Incubator of the Florence University) aims to develop the Project International QUASSI (Quantum Art & Science with and for Society for improving on responsible Innovation).
    EGOCREANET // Vision of QUASSI Action Plan about engagement and co-creation:

    1)Preliminary phase of rise the inclusion of stakeholder’s skills and competencies aiming to collect new ideas and inspirations in order to improve a better responsibility of research with and for society goals and reorganization.

    2)Selection of more active partnership consortium able to develop new policy choices that would be necessary as conceptual preconditions to catalyze the change of advanced bioeconomy and foresight the future of knowledge society.

    ll Call to which we refer, allows to find a financial aid to facilitate a responsible reorganization of research and innovation oriented to the social and economic disruptive change o the obsolete criteria of development of industrial society.

    This fundamental aim of QUASSI PROJECT would be to implement ,under the contemporary transition between the old model of industrial development based on the mechanic’s comception , to what smart change that may catalyze the future development of innovation, though trans-disciplinary and multi-actor partnership of the advanced Bio-economy research , based on the life sciences .…/…/en/h2020-section/science-and-society

    The project QUASSI needs to find international partners belonging to highly industrialized countries, but also of many stakeholders ; this because it must implement and maintain in a long term, a very large social impact that allows all social actors (researchers, citizens, policy makers, businesses, third sector organizations, etc.) to work together during the entire process of research and innovation management who will be ‘proposed by the project QUASSI focused on the social responsibility of the research aimed to change the open and disruptive of the globa knowledge society.

    see Caos -management :

    see DAB blog:…/quassi-project-quantum…/

    We thank you for your interest and possible participation .A cordial greeting

    Paolo Manzelli December 13th -12-, 2014 Florence.

    Director of LRE/EGO-CreaNet – University of Florence
    50019 -SESTO 50019 Firenze-
    Via Madonna dl Piano ,06
    -room: d.132: Phone: +39/055-4574662 Fax: +39/055 2756219
    Mobile: +39/335-6760004; SKIPE “manzelli3”
    posta certificata :
    E-mail.2 :
    Nutra-Africa :


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